Your Ambition Was Useless

Wait, why are SpongeBob Squarepants there?

So, this time I will express one of my concerns, which is I am focusing on someone very ambitious in pursuing something. After meditating at home (Due to a Work From Home program, so I couldn’t go to the cave). Finally, enlightenment arises. I got the answer to my concern from one episode of SpongeBob Squarepants entitled ‘The Great Snail Race’. Yes, it’s serious! I got enlightenment from our childhood cartoon.

Okay, I’ll tell you why this unrest happens. Once upon a time, many of my friends are ultimately very ambitious in learning, even spending their money to take additional lessons. I couldn’t even think of how tough they are, where I‘m so exhausted with the 8-hours-school. Positively, they do that to get perfect scores on several exams that seem to determine their fate. Honestly, I don’t care about their decision to do that. However, what makes me unsettled is when they keep grumbling about their activities and it was quite annoying. I really want to tell them that…

“That’s your own choice to go through it and that’s the consequence. Have you ever mind it?”

Well, I think that’s enough to show how unsettled I was, the cause is quite simple right?. Apparently, the episode that was mentioned earlier, really illustrates how the condition is and that was unexpected. So, let’s get the breakdown here!


In this scene, Squidward shows his new pet that looks expensive and also has a pure pedigree certificate, named Snellie. After that introduction, we know that Snellie will start preparing to take part in the snail race and make SpongeBob jealous so he includes Gary in the race. It’s easy for her that have guaranteed quality to practice, What about Gary who is lazy and lame?

In reality, we call it social jealousy. We feel miserable when competed by others. We assume that someone who tries to be better than us is a threat and should not be done. So we’ll do anything as not to be beaten by them, even do what they do too even though it is not under our personality.

That does not mean that “lazy, so let it be”. However, fight for what suits your capabilities and abilities. Be more open by admitting those who are trying to be more valuable, because we have different ways of struggle. Just like farmers and fishermen. Their place of work is different. However, they have the same goal, which is to provide people’s food needs.


In this scene, Gary is forced to exercise very hard by SpongeBob who keeps saying “Keep running! Faster! Faster! Faster!", which makes him exhausted and tortured. We can see SpongeBob as an expression of our great ambition to get something and Gary described us who are exhausted and tormented by it. Why did it happen?

In reality, we are tormented by our own ambitions because what we are trying to reach is not appropriate for us, so our soul unconsciously refuses it. Because the ambition that is in our head keeps says to get it, our body is forced to keeps running with a soul that feels no excitement at all.

Being a winner is surely the desire of everyone. However, the first time we have to do is find out whether we want to go through the process of getting results or just the results. If you just want the results, you should make it just imagination. But, if you insist on getting it, get ready to be like Gary. Just like when you really want to be on the mountain, but feel slothful to hike it. When you force to hike it, you will not enjoy the long process of hiking and you will be empty. When you get to the top, it becomes worthless. Because overall in the process of hiking, the longest part is when you hike it and at that time you no longer enjoy it. All you get after that is just fatigue and wasting time.


In this scene, Patrick also took part in the snail race, seen with him carrying a rock, but not rock music! among us must be ridiculing him who brought a rock in the race snail race right? Plus, he didn’t shout at his pet to keep running as SpongeBob and Squidward did. This is the best part that I like the most. Patrick just breezily tells his rock that…

“It’s okay, Rocky. You go when you feel like it.”

Surprisingly, it was Rocky who won this race! Rocky has beaten Snellie the high-class snail and Gary who has been training hard and long enough. Rising in our minds, how can a rock that cannot even move to beat a snail?

In reality, we often underestimate someone who seems never tried anything. We are confident that we can beat them without having to spend more effort because what we face is rarely even never practice at all. Inversely comparable to those of us who have been training hard and long enough.

However, sometimes everything is not as we imagined, someone who seems to have never practiced fortunately beats up those of us who are trained and that’s really tragic, isn’t it?

So, this is about the value of the process and the results of that process. The value of a process is equal to the result, the more you go through the process with a sincere heart the more valuable the results will be obtained. The period of time the process is not the determining part, but how we respond to the process is very decisive. And these words are very representative of this condition…

“Someone with a week exercise will be beaten by someone who only exercises a night but with a sincere heart.”

When ‘fate determination’ goes on, those of us who have practiced hard enough and for a long time but exhausted and tortured are described as Gary in that scene. It will be hard to focus on ourselves at that time because we have been exhausted before. So we can be sure the results will not be following our goals. Then, what should we do?

Be like Patrick. Don't force our will too much. Let us do it ourselves when we feel like it, just like Rocky did.



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