Who The Hell You Are?

“I’m having a problem, and you have no idea how I feel right now.”

“You don’t know anything about me. So, step back.”

“Easy for you to say. It's difficult for me who is in trouble.”

Well, I was very upset when I met someone who said that. Why did they feel so different when they faced a problem? Why did they feel that they are the only creatures that have these problems? Feels so special? How special are you, huh?. I really wanted to pull their ears and shout out “WHO THE HELL YOU ARE?”

I know everyone has different feelings, it’s human. But, doesn't mean that someone can‘t understand your feelings. When you complain that no one cares about you and doesn’t understand how you feel, It’s because you close someone’s access to your deep down. You just keep quiet when someone asks about your day. Haven’t you got someone you can trust? Then get out, look for that. And stop complaining!

In fact, there is no such thing as a personal problem. If you have a problem, there’s a chance millions of people in the world also have it either past, present, or tomorrow. And one of them must be someone you know. So it’s not just you who are experiencing it and it can be said that you are not special. This is the reality that you must realize, who you are and what your problems are not special to the millions of people who are currently, ever, or tomorrow who will suffer it too. So, wake up! You slept for a long time.

And need to be anticipated, that convincing yourself is a special creature is a failed strategy to get happiness. It just makes you lulled and flying. And this kind of person interprets everything that happens around them will make them even more proud, and it will be very difficult to wake them up. Because every invitation to use common sense will be seen as a threat to their superiority from others who are deemed unbalanced with them. They also assume if something good happens to them, it’s because of their own. If something bad happens to them, it’s because someone is jealous and tries to bring down their existence. They are really dumb. They mislead themselves to satisfy their sense of superiority, even if sometimes it requires them to be physically and emotionally abusive towards those around them.

Self-esteem is not how a person appreciates the positive side, but rather how someone is able to see the negative and admit it bluntly, then act to fix it. “Yeah, sometimes I forget to pull out the key from my motorbike.”, “Well, sometimes I overestimate my achievements.”, “Yeah, sometimes I’m being rude over my friend.”.

And someone who is not able to admit their own problems openly and honestly, they will be increasingly left behind because of pursuing higher things and accumulating a greater level of denial. Just waiting for when and how painful reality will hit them.

We must accept that everything we do is mediocre. Even if you feel special about one thing, it is very possible that you are in the middle or just below the average in other things. That’s the nature of life. A wealthy man who is in debt, an artist who sometimes has no ethics, a teacher who is only expert in one particular field.

However, many people do not accept themselves as mediocre. Because if they believe it, they will not achieve anything, not be better, and their lives have no meaning. Whereas, someone who is successful is not because they believe they are special. However, they feel that there is nothing special about them and classified as average, so they have a strong obsession with improvement and that's what makes them successful.

The advice of a motivator who says “We are all extraordinary and can achieve great success” will only please and calm your ego. A message that can make you feel relieved and comfortable, even though it makes your soul and mentally unhealthy. Like feeding your ego with fast-food, full of calories.

To get emotional health, you have to accept bitter and tasteless realities of life, such as “Your existence does not affect the state of the world for the better” and “Your life will be full of problems and it is natural”. This is a vegetable recipe that you will greatly avoid.

But once ingested, your soul will be more alive and stand firm. The pressure to prove who you are will disappear. The anxiety because you never feel enough will disappear. You will be free in completing what you really want to be accomplished, without grandiose judgments and expectations.

And in the end, you will be able to appreciate simple experiences in your life, such as simple friendships, trying and creating something, helping someone in need, listening to a song, watching a movie with a cup of tea, eating your favorite food, and laughing with someone beside you. All of that does seem boring because it is normal. But that is precisely what really matters.



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