How To Be Grateful For The Things That Off The Track

It is undeniable, that at least we live in a repetitive life cycle. Wake up in the dawn, have breakfast, make a living, go back at dusk, have dinner, then go to sleep and repeat. By repeating the same life cycle over a long period, making the cycle become like a railroad track, it is fixed and inflexible to change its way. With that kind of thinking, we barely even think about things that might happen beyond the expectations that can interfere with our structured day-to-day life and we feel annoyed when this happens.

Usually, You wake up early, but You woke up late today with a hangover because last night You were drunk and stressed out thinking about the pricey fuel prices and the bills that were starting to be arrears. Then, You look at your watches and it’s already 7 AM. You have to get to the office by 8 AM and it takes You an hour and a half drive, bet You couldn't make it.

Then, You prepare yourself in a hurry, forget about breakfast and ride the motorcycle that You usually use. Unlike typical, the road today was so congested that it was hard to drive forward. Furthermore, your clutch brake handle detached from your motorcycle handlebar all of a sudden, what on earth!

FYI, If the motorcycle clutch doesn’t work properly, all the more when it comes off the handlebar, it is very dangerous. You will not be able to change the position of the transmission gear. Then if a problem occurs in the middle of the road, the motorcycle’s speed will be hard to control and can threaten the safety of You and the people around You. But thank goodness, you’re not at high speed so You can pull over as soon as possible. Now You need to push your motorcycle to the nearest repair shop. After looking around, You found there’s a repair shop nearby and it’s only about 15 meters away, what a piece of luck.

You tell what happened to your motorcycle to the mechanic while he checks the damage. “The clutch must be replaced, and unfortunately I don’t have the item,” said the mechanic. You replied confusedly, “Okay, what should I do then?”. “You have to buy it, You can go to the parts shop around 1 kilometer away from here”, the mechanic explains. Then, You check your wallet which turns out to only hold cards and receipts, You have no cash. After thinking about how to figure it out, You remember that yesterday was payday and it seems reasonable that You can afford many shots last night. You’re too drunk to remember that You paid with your card.

Now You know what to do. First, call an Uber to drop You off for some cash at the nearest ATM. Then, ask the driver to go to the parts shop as the mechanic told You. Lastly, bring the part to the mechanic and let him do the work. It doesn't take a long time to make the motorcycle about right, he is really good at it. Now, you’re good to go.

After a long drive, You finally arrive at the office and You look at your watch which shows it’s already 9 AM, You walk so fast towards your space while thinking how bad it’s gonna be. But surprisingly, the office is still quiet, not many people have come yet. Then You ask someone, “Where are the people? It’s already 1 hour late” and one of them just laughs at You and said, “Late? You ain’t kidding, right? It’s Monday and people had a good night just like You though!”. Your brain trying to process what was happened, so You just stand still and can’t say a thing.

All the annoying things that happened this morning were just for a mediocre day and You might feel pissed off by this. But, after pondering a while, You feel grateful instead. You think that things could get even worse.

Imagine if it happened at the end of the month when You haven’t been paid yet and you’re broke. Then You can’t afford to pay for fixing your motorcycle. You don’t know how to go to the office since your motorcycle is the only way to make it.

Imagine if it happened at the end of the week when people went to the office. People will look at You sarcastically for being 1 hour late. Then You were reached by your boss to walk to his room, You just give in. Sure enough, You were scolded by your boss with various curses and then he gave You a notice letter, a sign that your career is in trouble.

But the worst part is if You imagine the roads aren’t congested today and You go fast. Then it’s time for your clutch brake to detach from the handlebar. Unexpectedly, there’s a car in front of You that is stopped because of red light. Cause You can’t control your motorcycle’s speed, You swerve towards the sidewalk to avoid the car. Unfortunately, there were some pedestrians there and You ran into them. It all happened so fast that You finally passed out and realized You had been taken by an ambulance. You’ve had an accident and your insurance won’t be happy to hear it.

Understanding the worse that could have happened, You feel blessed what happened this morning wasn’t that bad. You can still get through it and live a life as it should be. That’s nature’s way of reminding us that there are many possibilities in life that can happen and not judge that it will ruin our daily lives. Instead, it can make us grateful because there are always worse things that can happen. That’s it, how to be grateful for the things that are off the track, and if it doesn’t kill you, it only makes you stronger.



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